Dry - MS29 Clear Bright

500gm $16.40
2.5kg $64.55
5kg $121.00
50lbs $455.50

Dry, premade glazes can be prone to settling and we recommend adding a suspension agent like bentonite, PRIOR to adding your water and sieving. Please ask us if you have questions.

Type: Moroccan Sand Glazes

Liquid (and dry in special order). May be fired in oxidation (gas or electric kilns) or reduction (gas kilns only). Lead free and safe for use on food and beverage containers when properly fired. Dry powders may settle, add bentonite to powder before mixing and sieving. Sunrise MS-125 is the base glaze for MS Satin Texture Glazes. To expand our palette, use Sunrise with your choice of oxide or stain. Always test for melt and fit with test tiles prior to use on art or in production.

Manufacturer: Laguna

Laguna MS29 transparent on M370, M340, Buffstone, P300 (clockwise from front-left). These survived an IWCT test (300F to ice-water immersion) without the glazes crazing.